First published: Romancing the Genres: Inspiration by Dari LaRoche

Earth needs us. Gaia needs us. It is critical that we all work together to preserve our planet and our natural world.

Politics and political rhetoric come and go—fostering discussions, arguments, unity or breaks in families, changing alliances, wars, and ultimately—when all is said and done—rebuilding

Our planet, however, will be a one and done if we are not the caretakers that our Mother Nature needs us to be. There will be nothing left to rebuild.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a negative attitude. Quite the contrary, in fact. I am positive, hopeful, appreciative, and I always try to do my part to preserve the beauty of nature and our natural world. We are all conscious of donating to causes, large and small, whether with our money, our time, or both. So many need our help, in whatever way we can assist.



My choices include a couple of favorite organizations that foster the growth of writers in their craft (Wordcrafters, in Eugene, OR and Willamette Writers in Portland, OR). For aiding the environment, I favor the Nature Conservancy in Washington State at , the National Parks Conservation Association at , and the Washington Trails Association at . Yours may be these or something else. But they all need us. And we need them, the work they do, and the critical services they provide. Consider volunteering if you can.

Spring Brings Renewal 

Spring is edging out winter here in the Pacific Northwest where it is possible to see and appreciate the outdoors every day. I can’t drive anywhere without seeing rivers, mountains, greenery, blooming cherry and apple trees, birds, deer—even in my own back yard. Spring is rejuvenating, bringing renewed growth and life. If one is still and watches, our sensory

awareness expands to such a point that we can feel as one with the budding life around us.

My Current Writing Project

At present, I am editing my second book in my Rescue Series. Spring’s rebirth is similar to a writer picking up a manuscript that has been resting for a while. This one rested while I finished and published my first book, A Sailor’s Perfect Christmas As I pass through my words, checking all the many things a writer checks in the editing process, I occasionally come across nuggets I have written that I forgot about. For the most part, they have been phrases that bring about emotions and visuals related to nature that stop me for a moment. I roll them around in my mind and enjoy the feelings and beauty the mental slideshow creates in my heart.

Each day and each hour spent editing brings about new thoughts and increases my awareness and joy in the writing process. Some writer friends have said they much prefer the first draft discovery time and that their least favorite part of writing is editing. For me, it’s all good and stimulates my creative brain. I look forward to that continuing well into the future.

Nature threads through my stories and the conservation of our planet is one of my passions. From the simple beauty of raindrops on leaves to the sea turtles on the sandy beaches in Hawaii, it all brings me a joy that I am eager to share with my readers.


What brings you joy these days?

My Writing and Contacts

I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense. My Rescue Series launched last November with A Sailor’s Perfect Christmas, and I plan to finish the second book, When the Night Comes, which takes place on the island of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean, in the next couple months or so. A broken right hand has slowed me down and I am halfway through the healing and strengthening process now. I feel like I am in sloth-mode these days.

I would love to hear from you, either below in the comments, or on my website.